Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Step by Step Guide For Bloggers

If you want to know what is Affiliate Marketing? And want to build an stable and scalable 6 figure side income from Affiliate Marketing then you are the right place.

Everybody wants to make money while they sleep.

That you wake up and check your phone and find money in your account.

Sounds amazing, right?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular method to make passive in the world, specially for the bloggers who are seeking to generate 6-7 figures every month.

There are tried and tested ways to make it work for you.

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry as this guide has everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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The Ultimate Guide To Affiliate Marketing

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work
3. Avenues Through Which You Can Make Money
4. Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing Programs
5. 3 Different Types of Affiliate Marketing
6. How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
7. Requirements to Start Affiliate Marketing.
8. What Are the Top Affiliate Networks to Consider
9. Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings
10. How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?
11. Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions
12. Conclusion

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s products to customers and making small commissions on it.

Commissions cam be lucrative per sale as well. You can earn $5-$500 per sale commission. It can be higher then this as well.

i.e. A) is a merchant or who wants to sell their products.
B) You are the affiliate marketer who promotes the product with a link.
C) is a Customer, who buys the product.
(Once he bought the product you get a commission from the merchant.)

Many companies and other networks wants to sell the items.

When you sell a product or a service of a company to anyone. You get to earn a commission from that.

If you are wondering how potential affiliate marketing is then let me tell you thousands of people are making tons of money from Affiliate Marketing.

Simply by promoting other people’ products with the freedom of time and place. And living the desired life.

Thousands of people have left their desk job behind and Making handsome money by working few hours.

What I love most about Affiliate marketing is that it saves you a lot of money.

As if you start a business you’d have to do the initial investments and that is not enough.

You would need a lot of different resources, You would need the space for the inventory. You need to hire the Employees, electricity bills, taxes, transportation, you need to give a lot of time and other expenses. And it would take a lot of time to scale it and make a decent stable income from it.

On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing saves you from all this because all you would need is a laptop/PC, an internet connection, and some guidance. And if you are like me then a strong cup of coffee as well.

You can start Affiliate Marketing for free as well as with minimum investment.

See, I want to tell you that money makes money. And every business require some investments.

You can go with free methods as well. However, I highly recommend you invest in some important things that I will tell you in this post.

Free methods take longer period of time and don’t give you access to a lot of features to explore.

There are multiple methods you can use for Affiliate Marketing.
1. Email Marketing
2. Organic Traffic
3. Paid

you do not need to invest in

In other words, It is like selling, but someone else’s products and earning a fraction of profit on that. All the things are handled by the product owner, you just promote them to the other people and when someone makes a purchase you make money.

The cost of buying remains same whether it’s a product or service. Doesn’t matter bought through the affiliate link or directly with the product owner or company.

Okay let’s for example I own a company and I want to sell my products. So you sell any of my product to anyone I will give you the commission for making a sale for me.

Product owner pay the commission from their profits, so he makes less profits per sale.

However, they earn more as they reach more potential customers because of the affiliates and make more sales than they’d have done on their own.

So, it’s a win-win everyone.

As an affiliate, you can make money two ways, on a one-off purchase or earn recurring income by promoting membership or subscription-based programs.

It all depends on the type of products or services you promote. Products with recurring payments are more beneficial.

Every business needs marketing otherwise no one will get to know their products.

In terms of actual marketing, the affiliate equation has two main parties:

  • The affiliate marketer or the seller.
  • The product maker or owner

However, a successful affiliate marketing has three main parties:

First: Merchant

The merchant is known as owner, creator, vendor, brand, seller, advertiser, retailer or distributor.

It is mainly who build the product or service. It could be a company with many employees or a can be a single person pursuing his dreams. Anyone can become the creator behind the affiliate marketing program.

Even you can make your own products and list them for other affiliate marketers to make sales for you.

Usually merchants do not have much involvement, all they want is a product to sell.

Second: Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate is a associate who sign up to promote the product for the vendor. Affiliate is also known as publisher, partner or associate. An Affiliate can also be a company or a single person.

They can make few hundred dollars to millions of dollar every month by promoting other’s products. Isn’t it amazing?

Affiliate marketer reaches out and convinces the potential buyers of the product’s value. It’s all about providing the value to the customer. And make their life easier. And you make the sales.

Third: Consumer/Customer

Consumer as well-known as customer. This party complete the affiliate system in circular motion. There would be no commission to give if there are no sales in our pocket.

What affiliate does is he takes the products to potential customers using social networks, content marketing on blogs, or by using paid promotion services.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

First of all you would need to find a product that you want to promote.

For that you find the affiliate networks that allows you to get the products to promote.

So start finding with the products or services related to your niche. That interest your audience.

Then you need to sign up for the network or merchant and become a partner. And this will make you an affiliate.

When you sign up, you are given a unique ID. That is your affiliate ID which will be included in all the products link that you will promote.

This is basically to track and determined that the sale was made from your link so that you can get the commission.

You have several way to promote an product. You can write articles about it in your blog, write a product review, you can display banner ads on your blog, you can send email and newsletters to your email list.

Whichever way a purchase was made, the merchant will know because of your unique affiliate ID. They can track the traffic on their website from it.

When a consumer buys a product from your link the merchant issues the payment by a set threshold. It could be between 45 to 60 days and a certain amount as minimum payment as well.

People are getting more interested in Affiliate Marketing as it is great source of making tons of income without having to stuck in a lot of expenses.

Google Trend showed a increased interest in the affiliate marketing in year 2019, see the diagram below.

According to Awin, 81% of brands in the United States use this strategy, and if trends are anything to go by, this figure will increase. Everyone is responding to it!

So basically it has a great potential and you can surely make a good living doing affiliate marketing.

Avenues Through Which You Can Make Money

You can make money with multiple avenues doing affiliate marketing: That includes:

1. Pay Per Click

pay per click
 set rates

Pay per click is basically sending the traffic to your merchants website. Engagement is very crucial point here. As your goal is to ensure customer or visitors click the link of merchant’s website.

More traffic you send to the merchant website, higher will be the payout.

Your commission will be calculated by the clicks customer make. It could be on product links you promote, ads banners, or a service.

2. Pay Per Lead

pay per lead, 
what is pay per lead

Your earn commission by converting a lead, you would need to convince customer to complete a task on merchant’s website. It could be signing up for a trial, subscribe to newsletters, filling a contact form or downloading specific files.

3. Pay Per Sale

pay per sale

Most merchants want to sell their products and service so Per-per sale is the most common structure in affiliate marketing. In this, you get a commission when a consumer makes a purchase from your link. you get a particular payment, it could be in percentage or a fixed price.

Here you need to convenience a customer to make the purchase. For this you need to do the more hard work. and your strategy should be top notch for you to make money.

There are other pieces that fit into this puzzle as well and are critical for affiliate marketing success even though they’re seemingly behind the scenes. Let’s call them important terms.

Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing Programs

Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing Programs bloggingtail

1. Affiliate Link

As I’ve already mentioned, an affiliate link is associated with the merchant website. and you will promote the product or service by your affiliate link which includes your unique affiliate id. It redirects your visitor to the merchant’s website. and it helps to track the sales that were made from your link.

Here’s an example of an Amazon affiliate link: com/dp/ASIN/?tag=your_Associates_ID

“your_Associates_ID” will be changed with your unique affiliate ID. and It will become your affiliate link.

2. Affiliate Manager

The person who manages the affiliate program for the merchant is called the Affiliate Manager. These managers usually help you with their advice to get more sales and the best product promotion methods as per the product you are promoting.

3. Affiliate Network

A platform or network brings together the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant lists their products on the networks so that affiliates can find the products and promote them. It helps merchants to reach correct affiliates and provides reliable resources that help the affiliates to promote the products better way.
Examples include Clickbank, ShareAsale, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, eBay Affiliate program, among others.

4. Commission

This is the amount paid to affiliates for sales acquired. The amount per sale is usually predetermined. For example, here’s Amazon’s latest commission rate:

5. Cloaking

It is basically to hide the original link with your desired link. Usually, affiliate links are long, so the user can find them as spam. Cloaking turns a long URL into a shorter and more readable one, it helps build trust in potential customers and they don’t think it is a spam link. You’ll need a plugin to do this.


Can turn into something like this:

6. Landing Page

It is a webpage that helps you generate leads and sales. It helps you build an email list of the potential buyer and your interested visitors.

7. Impression

Impressions are the number of times your ad appears on a page.

8. Vertical

Vertical is another name of Niche you focus on. It’s the topic you’ve chosen to work on. Like: Motivation, Pets, Weight Loss, Cycling and any other.

9. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps to optimise and imporove a web page or a website to get a higher ranking on google for a particular keyword you focus on. It is usually used to make your articles and website show on top so that you can get more traffic.

10. ROI

ROI stands for Return on Investment. It is a percentage to determine whether an investment that was made is worth it. Like if you have used a paid ads campaign, so did you earn enough profit that the investment made was worth it?
It is calculated so:

ROI= (Gross profit – Investment)/Investment*100

11. Custom Affiliate Income

There is a general rate offered to the affiliate marketer in starting. However, if an affiliate brings a lot of sales regularly, many merchants offer them a customized payment rate, or you can contact them directly to negotiate the commission rate.

12. Payment Mode

This is the payment method through which affiliate programs pay the affiliates. The most common ones are wire transfers, cheques, PayPal, and others.

13. 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing

It is similar to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Programs, here you need to recommend other people to join the affiliate program. And when they make a sale you also get a small commission from it. The income received from this is known as the sub-affiliate commission.

14. Split Testing

Also referred to as A/B testing, It is a procedure to determine which ads copy is giving better results. Here you test two different versions of an ad, web page or sales copy to find out which works better and gives better results in terms of affiliate targets.

3 Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

You will multiple ways to get a lot of traffic which can make affiliate marketing diverse. However, there are three main categories of affiliate marketing: unattached, related, and involved affiliate marketing.

1. Unattached affiliate marketing

It is pay-per-click campaigns, that don’t necessarily require marketing dominance or authority for the products you’re promoting.

In this you just place an affiliate link in front of a customer or visitor, that can be a potential customer.

You can use paid ads to achieve this, i.e. Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or any other. And when visitors click the link and make a purchase you get paid.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing Model

Unattached affiliate marketing is popular because you don’t need any presence or authority.

Building authority and reputation is a time-consuming task, which is why most people quit too soon. So if your budget allows you can use this method.

2. Related affiliate marketing

Here you would need authority and presence to do this type of affiliate marketing. i.e. Social Media, Blogs, Videos, or Podcast.

Then you can find products to promote based on your niche, no matter if you have used those products or not.

Related Affiliate Marketing Structure

For example, if you are a blogger and your niche is in internet marketing, and you may choose to promote web hosting or lead generating services by writing a review about it. that offer affiliate marketing services like the ones John Chow talks about. You can still earn from such marketing even if you don’t use those services.

And if your niche about Health and Fitness, you can promote supplements, nutrition and diet plans, training modules, and other health and fitness-related products.

When I was new on the internet, I remember seeing those small 125×125 pixel ad with text and link. And when you click on it, it takes you to the different website.

It was the paid promotion method, which people used in the old era for promoting their products. When they paid other site owners to post that type of images with their links to sell their products.

On most finance-based blogs, you may find several affiliate ads for financial institutions.

Most of the bloggers who put some of those links on their website actually use those services or products, and that’s okay, that doesn’t matter.

Adding affiliate links that are based on your niche is a powerful way to earn passive income. As you attract targeted audience when you work on a specific niche. So it interest the reader for such services and products.

You can place ads on your blog in multiple places. you can add ad banners, sidebar, or post them in between the articles. And when you post valuable content people trust the links you share.

3. Involved Affiliate Marketing

There are some affiliates who only promote services they actually use. This process called Involved Affiliate Marketing. In other words, they promote services or products they believe in and strongly recommend them.

Their promotion method is quite different then related affiliate marketers. Instead of just adding banners or sidebars. They promote these services by their content. They write featured content related to a specific service or product.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

For example, if you enjoy playing guitar and you like a specific Guitar model, you can promote it by writing a comprehensive post about it with confidence and authority. This way you will engage targeted people and your audience will find a reason to trust you and purchase the product from your merchant.

You can start or choose any of these three marketing types, whichever is preferable to you, but as Pat Flynn, an affiliate marketing expert advises, it’s good to promote products you’ve actually used and experienced their benefits in some way. That way you will be able to connect with the experience share great value with your content for that.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

If you are thinking to start with the involved affiliate marketing method, in that case, you can begin by starting a new blog through a guide on starting a blog. Choose the blogging platform that won’t restrict your products.

Once your site is live, create necessary pages and make sure you create an affiliate disclosure page, telling your readers you’ll be making money from the page and how would you make money.

Never forget to add a privacy policy and Terms of Service page. These two pages will help you with the ranking and earn you a little more trust with your readers. It will also help you with the legal issues in case you face them in the future. You never know when you might need it.

With your website live and running, here is the next step:

Step 1: Pick a niche

Choosing an Affiliate Marketing niche

Here, do you have a specific topic you have expertise in, or you find yourself talking easily about it? It can also be something you are passionate about. like parenting, fitness, or mobile technology?

A niche is the general topic of your blog, however, it should be something which you are most interested in. It is necessary for the long term. if your niche isn’t something where your heart lies, you will end up stop working on it. In order to produce better content your interest matters a lot.

Choose a niche you’re comfortable with so that you can create content without too much fuss.

Step 2: Find relevant products

Relevant Products

The best way you can find affiliate products is on affiliate networks or platforms. For that, you can search based on your niche affiliate websites, and you will find plenty of products on offer.

You can research other websites in your niche and find products they are promoting and how they are promoting them.

Each product can create a stream of income, so why not diversify? Find our multiple different products and merchants. Expand your portfolio and make more money.

Looking for Good Products

After all, if you can make money using affiliate marketing, why limit yourself? You may have heard that never put all your eggs in one basket. so Why rely on only one product or service?

You can promote products you are already using, as it will be much earlier to convince people to buy. As you have firsthand experienced and can tell how useful they are in the first place.

However, you can only do that if the product creator has an active affiliate option for that particular product or service. To make sure of it you can visit their website and find the affiliate page if they have one. You’ll find it at the top or the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to find any affiliate option on the website, You can also contact them directly to see if they are available for affiliate marketing. As some companies do them on the invite. You will see their contact details on their website.

Conversion rates will be varied depends upon the products or merchants. It’s better to have a little of everything than relying on a single product. So even if you get small commissions for some products, it will be a wise choice.

After all, it’s all about the sale, and the more products you have to promote, the higher the chances of making more money from it.

Step 3: Create The Right Content

Creating the Right Content affiliate marketing, social media image

Content is king. You can’t just write a random mediocre piece and expect people to click on that link.

Remember there will be people who will still have some doubts before making the purchase and you to convince them with your content to cross the bridge. Sharpen your writing and sales skills, and you’ll definitely see the difference.

Create the right content for your target audience too. Write that connects, like you are talking to them and giving them the best advice. for example every person is different. and the style, tone and the general way you approach on someone looking for a car seat for their baby is different than someone looking for car parts.

Step 4: Promote

Promoting Your Affiliate Products

As we have talked about the content you can create in the form of blog post. Now it’s time to promote. Show your content to the world.

Promoting a product or service is a crucial point, as to how would earn an affiliate commission if you do not make any sale. And how would make a sale if nobody knows about your content or blog?

So it is important to promote your content so that it can drive traffic and make you money.

It’s better to recommend the products instead of approaching to buy directly. Cold calls or sales pitches do not work in blogs. And helpful recommendations will keep your audience coming back for more.

Websites and blogs are the most common ways to promote, however you can use other ways too.

No Website? No Problem!

You do not necessarily need a website to do affiliate marketing. See these other options.

Take a look at these:

YouTube Videos

You may have seen unboxing videos or product reviews on YouTube at least once. Similarly, think of what you can do with your products you are trying to promote.

Create a detailed video about your product for your targeted audience, walk them through the benefits of the products, their pros and cons anything that they should know about the product or service.

A single video can make you a lot of money for years. So do produce a quality video and as comprehensive as possible. Because content is king.

A great example would be Judner Aura’s YouTube channel — UrAvgConsumer.

You can put your links in the description of the video and inform your audience to check that out in the video.

After a quick unboxing and review of the products he’s trying to promote, he slides in his affiliate link into video descriptions:

UrAvgConsumer Affiliate Link in YouTube Description

Social media

Social media has a lot of potential and almost everyone uses it these days. You may also have seen a lot of influencers telling you about a product they use and share their affiliate link and ask them to purchase from it.

This is how they make money.

A lot of people use social media, but mostly people use it for consuming content or interaction. However you can do use it for both, interaction and promoting your products.

Many respond to ads if proposed the right way.

Ads should be with catchy copy and appealing visuals, and you’ll hear your next cheque calling your name!

Again, Judner Aura — AKA UrAvgConsumer — makes excellent examples of what I’m talking about.

Judner Aura Facebook Post

Ads are somewhat underrated but can be a great income source, and the most common way for this is the banner ads.

There are a lot of websites with a lot of traffic every month, more traffic increases your chances of getting more audience to your ads.

There is no need for SEO, content writing, or video.

All you need to do is find a website related to your niche or product you wish to promote and place your ads on them and get visitors.

So simply check if there is empty ad space available and buy them. Place your ad and you are good to go. Now all you need is to wait for the traffic to come.

Usually, you’ll find these services at the rate of $10 for every 1000 impressions. This is a good deal. So that is the primary reason you need websites with high traffic.

Make sure that the amount you spend buying ads will come back with interest once you start earning from the ads. It’s known as a positive return on investment (ROI).

You’re doing it for the money, so it has to make business sense, else you are doing charity work. Which isn’t bad but again your prime goal is to make money.


Hubpages are third party websites. Here you do not need to worry about the hosting or to start a blog to promote your content.

However, there is a disavantage of using them, as your content can be deleted anytime becuase you do not own the content you post on hubpages. So it will be a downside of using these. It will waste your hard work and time you put into this.

There is a good side as well, Hubpages generously provides “capsules” where ads can show.

Which means you need coding skills and can write more.

Amazon Affiliate Links in Hubpages Capsule

Live webinars

It is like a classroom, where you can ask questions and answer them. Webinars take videos to the next level. You can interact with your audience and they can ask questions to you. It builds more trust and makes the experience worthwhile for some customers.

Daryll Rosser of Lion Zeal does webinars all the time and promotes products on his website. You would notice him referring to Ahrefs from time to time, as It is one of the affiliate products he promotes.

Affiliate Link in Webinars

Posting on forums

If you feel you are an expert in your niche or have a piece of good knowledge about it. Then start answering questions in forums based on your niche. Be as helpful as you can because it can make you a go-to person for the information on a particular topic or niche and your audience will grow.

With your reputation as a credible source, some forums will allow you to share links on your profiles as well. Even your affiliate links and It will increase the traffic on your profile.

Traffic = Money

Make sure the questions you are asking are based on your niche or the product you are promoting. Otherwise, all the efforts you put in could be wasted.

The best affiliate marketing forums include STM Forum, Warrior Forum, AffplayBook, and Affiliate Fix.

Requirements to Start Affiliate Marketing.

When it’s time to start, we all have the question who can start affiliate marketing and what are the requirements.

So let’s get it straight.

All you need is a Laptop/pc, you can also do it from your phone, however laptop or computer makes it easier and time efficient.

Good internet connection, almost every body use internet nowadays and it is easily available.

Basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and internet, that you can learn in few days, and you will eventually learn a lot things with time.

An account on a Affiliate Network. Where you will get the products to promote. that can be created easily.

Apart from these you would only need other strategies on how to promote and sell, You will learn them through this guide. So keep reading.

Awesome, it’s done, it is all you need to start affiliate marketing.

What Are the Top Affiliate Networks to Consider?

We pointed out affiliate networks whilst defining terms so that you have a clue as to what they are. Now allow’s list the exceptional affiliate networks on these internet streets.

1. ClickBank

ClickBank Homepage

It one of my favorite affiliate networks. On ClickBank, you will find a huge variety of products in almost every niche to promote. And as it is a marketplace for affiliates, you will get a high commission as well. The only issue I feel it has is a huge catalog of thousands of products.

So you will have a hard time selecting the product worth your time and effort. So here is a quick tip, promote only those product you would buy yourself or personally believes in it.

Because if you yourself are not going to buy it others will most likely avoid spending on it as well.

Even with these challenges, ClickBank is a great marketplace and among the good ones. Here you’ll find lots of learning resources so even if you are a beginner you’d still be able to make moves.

2. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate Homepage

Commission Junction is similar to ClickBank, it is also an affiliate marketplace. You will find tons of products to promote here and you can easily sign up here, However, you would need to take approvals to promote products.

3. ShareAsale

ShareASale Homepage

Shareasale is also an affiliate marketplace like other two mentioned above with the feature of details reports and statistics of your sales and promotions. It also has tons of products waiting for you to promote.

You’ll get the broad categories of products to choose from. be it fashion products for women and men’s, digital products, computers, pet supplies, books, baby products, fitness products, software, supplements, and many more. You will be able to find a lot of products based on your niche.

It is an ocean of product, when you click a category, you will get thousand of products to choose from.

You will also get premade materials for promoting such as banners, email swipes, landing pages, ads, affiliate links, income and sale reports, and many more.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Homepage

Amazon Affiliate Program, it is also one of my favorite affiliate networks. I have many Amazon affiliate websites that make me a decent income. Amazon is among the most famous sites and has great goodwill on the internet. So that is a plus for you.

It can help you help you earn in millions, people trust amazon a lot and buy products from here in day to day life. so if you create a niche blog and write product reviews you can make good stable income from it.

Commission rates can be vary depending on categories, one down point is that due to high popularity many other people are already promoting products with almost every category, so you will need to work a little harder to compete, but it is worth it. You will also need to choose your products with proper research so that you can maximize your earnings.

How Do You Choose Affiliate Networks?

There are huge list of affiliate marketplace and websites that offers affiliate promotion options. However how would you find the best ones for you and how many should be enough?

It’s all depends on your choice, depends on the products you want to promote. So select the affiliate network that offers the products based on your niche. You can have an account on multiple affiliate networks as they work independently and promote as many products as you want.

However, there should be quality over quantity because you will be spending a lot of time on better marketing strategies and creating copy for them.

Do keep a note of policies and terms of the different networks, because it can offer additional incentives and earnings, and other important information.

Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it; you’re here for the money prospects. There’s no shame in that!

We’ve talked about how affiliate marketing works and how you can start it. Now it’s time to look for the meat. As our current aim is to make money from it, so we need to look at how we can make money with minimal efforts and fatter our bank account by the day as you get into the affiliate business.

1. Product and Company Choice

Product and Company Choice

How do we determine if the product is actually good? Often it will be from the other people’s experience and reviews or in the form of using it correct?

A product tends to sell more and faster if it is of good quality and coming from a reputable company.

Choose your products and companies wisely as it will count for sale, go for the companies that already have goodwill and reputation than those that come with many uncertainties or a lack of assurances.

If you haven’t used the product but want to promote, talk to the company. Many of them provide their products and services for reviews and trials so that you can have a good look and promote them efficiently.

2. Think of your Audience

Think of Your Audience

Commission rates can be vary depending on the products. It is very tempting I know, however, are you confident about their integrity?

You may lose your audience in the long run If you promote something that is of poor quality and doesn’t work. Products offering higher commissions can also have a higher refund rate. Which will waste your time and potential customers.

Promote products that are the based on your niche and will interest your audience. Always keep the focus on the niche and the interest of your audience.

Like if you have Food Blog, you can advertise electronics, gadgets that will ease the work in the kitchen. You can promote quality sauces & spices, kitchen accessories. If you share the related product visitors will spend more time on your blog. It increases the chance of purchasing as well.

3. Throw in Discounts

Throw In Discounts

I know the products you are promoting are not actually yours, however you can contact the owner or the creator of the product to start a discount or campaign for a short period for limited people.

Everybody likes discounts and when there is an urgency of time people tend to purchase more. For example, (a 20% discount if you place the order within 3 days). It creates a sense of urgency.

People psychologically afraid of losing, so most of them interested in the products but have doubts that will likely make the purchase.

And at times there are offers and deals on such products as well, so always stay updated and update your product information from time to time for more sale.

4. Content Quality

Content Quality

Content is King, I always say this because your readers need a sense of surety and convincing before they can make the purchase. For that you need to create a comprehensive and detailed review about the product you are promoting.

Try to answer every possible question your reader could have for the product. As it will keep him stick to your post and he will spend more time on your blog. It increases the chances of purchasing.

You can do video reviews, product comparisons, pros and cons and anything that could be useful.

Make sure our content is valuable to the user, so take your time and create the best content. As this single article or video can turn into a money stream.

How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Most people work 8-10 hours every day at a dead-end job for somebody else feeling unsatisfied. Where affiliate marketing offers a divine opportunity for the perfect balanced lifestyle that keeps you away from spending hours for fulfilling someone else’s dreams.

Making money online is awesome, It’s really fascinating. It allows you to make passive income even when you are not working.

However to achieve that you need to put in the work first. You must have heard elders saying money doesn’t grow on trees, which is true. However, using every strategy possible to make your gig successful can create that tree for you.

Need a few strategies to grow 10x faster and become more successful?

1. Conduct Proper Research

Conduct Proper Online Research

Product research is a crucial part, so do a proper research for some products that you will promote. Putting efforts on a product that doesn’t make sales will drastically reduce the sales and therefore your income. Take your time and do the product research as per your audience and niche which your audience will respond to.

2. Make it Personal

Personalize Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Well, making it personal means you believe in the product. You yourself will purchase every product you are promoting. If you wouldn’t buy the product you are promoting chances are your audience won’t buy it too.

Also, buy all the products you are promoting on your site, so you can earn more and bigger commission.

There are tons of products to promote but that doesn’t mean you can pick just any product. It will not make the money rain for you. So always choose what you believe in, only then you will be able to provide the right value to your audience.

Recommending useful and reliable products gradually turns you into a reputable brand.

And when people trust you they will be taking your recommendations more not because of the product only, but also because you are sure you wouldn’t promote rubbish schemes and products.

That’s a great way to build a following!

3. Make Use of Tools

 Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is vast business so there are a lot of things to in it, some of them can easily slip through the cracks.

Making sure your content and everything is SEO-optimized, adding links. Updating the links and product information timely, Looking our if the ad campaigns are effectively, research and generally keeping tabs on the whole operation is productive can be plenty.

So to ease your work and sometimes even automate it, you can use some tools. Like sometimes affiliate links can be long and ugly so to manage them you can use ThirstyAffiliates to manage your affiliate links and make them look short and readable.

Like ClickMagick gives you great analytics, by using this you can find your best-performing links and you update them wherever you see any opportunity. AdSanity helps you set up banner ads and manage third-party ads without issues. 

Don’t do all the complicated, repetitive work when there’s a plugin for it.

Here is my list of best affiliate marketing tools.

4. Stay up-to-date on Techniques

Updated Affiliate Marketing Techniques

Digital world changes very fast, so it possible that the strategies that once worked for you and were effective can suddenly become obsolete.

Competition is growing every day and you need to stay ahead in the game to earn more. So always focus on building new skills and learning new things. Do not forget to unlearn irrelevant strategies and methods you have been once using.

Best skills you can learn to grow in digital world is SEO, Copy-writing, Communication Skills and Facebook or Google Ads, there are many others as well you can always learn more.

5. Make Use of Several Avenues to Bring in Traffic

Using Different Traffic Channels

Well, getting more traffic is always great for earning more. So just putting ads on your site won’t be enough. You can get any source you wish. You should share content on social media, and also look for relevant websites and place ads using Facebook or Google AdWords and expand your reach.

6. Build a Rapport with your Audience

How to Build Rapport with Your Audience

It is all about engaging your audience and build a go to place for your visitors. Affiliate marketing becomes easier when you work on a specific niche. By doing that you will write relevant information on that and run ad campaigns.

It will build confidence with time and the value you provide through your content. So they will spend more time on your website and it will increase the chances of them buying things from your link.

Always portray yourself as an expert in that niche. People trust experts and are likely to buy because of their recommendation.

7. Learn Some More and Be Open to Change

Learning and Being Open to Change

You will always have something more to learn, so be open to learning new things. As this is a dynamic industry and it’s very vast, so you will eventually need new methods and strategies to grow constantly.

You can take these affiliate marketing courses to equip yourself fully.

Changes happens very fast in this industry so you need to keep it in mind that you can damage your business, so expect the change and be ready to embrace it.

8. Analytics

Using Marketing Analytics

Tracking your traffic is essential, you need to keep track of your data. You need to track the traffic that you get on your website and where does it go and which link they followed. If they made the purchase or not, or which link is getting more views and getting good response.

Tracking and measuring are essential to determine if the advertising strategies are working. it’ll help to know where to focus your efforts so that you can decide which strategy to follow and which to stop.

Split testing will show the best campaign to use and possible changes to make.

Affiliate networks usually allow you to see basic reports and statistics, but you should take a rain check and analyze your data a step further. You can go further with the help of different tools.

9. Patience and Persistence

Being Patient and Persistence

Affiliate marketing may look simple and easy on the outside but it takes a lot of work to do it efficiently.

Usually, people look for instant results when it’s about affiliate marketing. however, it doesn’t work that way. It’s a lifetime learning process and then you apply the things you learn to work, and you need to sit back and wait for the results.

It’s not a piece of cake, it takes time to earn from it organically, and even if you start paid ads you will need the proper strategies to do that and make best out of it.

First few weeks or months may be discouraging because there will be no results, you’ll feel nothing is happening, but need to sit tight and keep on doing the work. Never give up to soon.

Instead look for the ways to make it work, there is always one thing which keep you from getting the results, so analyze is properly and find that missing piece. Fill the gap, go, learn, find the mistakes and fix them.

And when you were busy in fixing things, you will start to the results. If you still not seeing the result then there some more things to fix. Always focus on learning and don’t give up too soon.

You can get frantic trying to add more products, but many times you need to focus your energies on a few products and then wait for these to pan out.

We’ve covered a lot of ground, but questions are inevitable. Let’s take a look at a few of the issues that come up a lot.

Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make?

You cannot answer it in one number because The potential is limitless. People are making millions, you can make thousands of dollars per month however, it will depend on how you approach it.

You may not earn a single penny for a few weeks or months then suddenly it can be hundreds or thousands of dollars on the cheque with your name.

What figure appears on your cheque is up to you. This is why reading wide and putting it to practice is your best bet in this industry.

Do I need a Blog?

Not really. You can still earn some money without a blog as there are a lot of methods. A blog will, however, potentially increase your earnings and add other possible income avenues to what you’re already making.

Is Affiliate Marketing legal?

Yes completely! Affiliate marketing is perfectly legal. It is also not harmful; in case you’re wondering. You may look at the earning potential and wonder whether you’re contravening any laws, but that’s not the case here.

How much will it cost me to start?

Joining an affiliate program is free. You can do it for free, however, it will take a lot of time and doesn’t guarantee the earnings. On the paid method, your total expenditure will depend on the approach you choose. For instance, paid ads and PPC will cost you some amount, and if you start a blog then it would cost some too but blog posts won’t cost you anything.

What qualifications do I need?

There’s no initial education qualification required, but you will need to write well and sell.

Don’t know how to write? No worries. Not all successful affiliate marketers are great writers, but they hire good writers.

A blog post must be engaging and done in the right tone and style to keep your audience reading and eventually get them buying.

Where do I find new products?

Affiliate marketplaces and blogs related to your niche are the best places to find new products. There, you should see top-performing products and a wide array to choose from.

Can I still use AdSense with Affiliate Marketing?

You definitely can because AdSense Terms of Service are okay with it. Affiliate marketing has a higher earning potential, but you can still use both.


Affiliate marketing is a real business and has a lot of potentials. it is not just a trend. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, and an open mind to make it work, but it is feasible.

This is one of the avenues where you can earn quite a lot without having to worry about unruly coworkers, bad bosses, or getting caught doing something illegal.

Stories about those already actively involved in affiliate marketing and have become successful at it should encourage you to keep going.

There are so many resources you can take advantage of so get down to it already.

This very informative guide is only the beginning but gives you a perfect launching pad for this journey. Take it all in and dig deeper.

All the best!

To learn affiliate marketing step-by-step, check these best affiliate marketing training programs.

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