How To Start A Blog in 2020 From Scratch (Step-by-Step Guide)

Want to know how to start a blog in 2020?

Here is the deal!!

Hi there, my name is Sachin. I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now, I strongly believe that it was the best decision I have ever made.

I kinda love every minute of it. Blogging changed my life. and here I will help you create your own digital asset.

If you want to make passive income on autopilot, then blogging can make it happen.

There are thousands of people who were able to quit their 10-6 desk jobs behind and living a royal life. They make a full-time income from blogging.

Starting a blog in 2020 is an easy and a few steps job, it doesn’t need prior knowledge. All you need is some guidance, a laptop/pc, and an internet connection.

To save your time I have kept it to the point and as comprehensive and detailed as possible.

Here is the 8 step guide to start a blog in 2020 with some bonus tips to grow and scale your blog 10x Faster.

Step 1: Pick a Niche To Virtually Guarantee Your Blog’s Success (Decide What You Will Talk About on Your Blog)

Choosing a niche is a crucial point of creating a blog. In 2010 blogs with multiple niches categories worked. Like people were writing about multiple topics and niches in the same blog.

  • Be it Health, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Food, News, and many more. However, that doesn’t work anymore.

If you want to create a profitable blog and really want to make money from it then you need to be specific on your niche.

There are tons of topics you can write about and share information.

Okay let’s do it this way, First write down things you like, your hobbies, and things you are passionate about.

Then look at them closely and decide if you can scale them or there are products to sell in that niche?

If your answer is “Yes” then it’s your niche, if you have doubts about it or not sure then take your time and find out a niche you won’t get tired writing about.

i.e. if you create a blog on Quotes and wishes, would you be able to sell anything on that blog?

People searching for quotes or wishes are very less likely to purchase anything.

Instead, find something worth writing about, you give you a lot of time and effort to write an article, so make it worth it.

i.e. if you write in the “Health” niche, you can write about nutrition, diet, exercises, weight loss, weight gain, supplements, etc.

If you are having a hard time deciding a niche then I would suggest you three-point that is best to choose in 2020.

You can choose from the following three, Passion, Problems, and Lifestyle. You can scale them and you will find products to sell in these categories as well.


These are General Hobbies like “Cycling”, “Dancing”, “Singing”,.


Beauty, Fashion, Travelling, Personal Development


Problems that the majority of people are facing in their daily lives like Acne, Debt, Back Pain, Hair Fall, Fitness, Beauty, etc.

These are the best three categories that will work for all, keep your niche as specific as possible. It helps getting ranked faster. as our goal would be to target interested audiences who will more likely to make a purchase.

So as you have finalized your Niche, let’s move to the next step.

Step- 2. Find An Awesome Domain Name That You Won’t Regret Later

Your domain name is your identity on the internet market. People will know you from your blog name. It will be your brand name. Always try to find a unique, catchy, and niche related name. It should be easy to remember and try to keep it short.

It would be really nice if you can find a name that is available with social handles as well. That way you create authority among your competitors.

Easy to remember and short names are works best specially your goal is it make your blog a authority blog.

So now you have an awesome name for your blog.

Let’s setup your blog.

Step 3 Find the best Hosting and Domain for your blog ( Important in terms of Ranking on Top)

Before we get in to this process let me tell you what these terms means.

For creating a blog you would need a good web-hosting and a domain name.

Domain Name: Domain is the name of your website, readers will know your website/blog from your domain name. like “”. It is the domain name of my blog.

Example Of Domain Name :

  1. www (World Wide Web)
  2. HTTP://(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  3. HTTPS://(Hypertext Transfer Protocol [Secured])(users see It is safe to visit)
  4. BloggingTail(Domain name)
  5. .com(Top Level Domain Extension).

There are many types of domain extensions, i.e .com, .net, .org, .in, .us,, .pro, .edu, .club, .xyz and many other.

You should go with the top level domain extensions for your blog. i.e. .com, .net, .org.

And if your goal is to target a specific country go with the country extension like for India it’s .in for USA it is .us.

Now let’s talk about Web-Hosting:

Website is nothing but a bunch of files which are stored at one place. Like you store your data in the hard drive or USB drive. Your images, files and other stuff.

To show these files on the internet you need space, it is called server. So Web-Hosting Providers lease you some space on the internet to publish your website and show to the world. It is liking renting a shop in a mall. You get the space to sell your goods.

You can register a domain from any website, be it Godaddy, Namecheap, Hover, Google Domain or anyone of your choice.

Now, If finding best and reliable Web-Hosting and domain sounds overwhelming, don’t worry.

I will guide you through to the process. and tell what would be the best choice for you.

There are a lot of web hosting providers on the internet and over the years I have used almost all the popular brands.

In 2016 I was reading a lot about Siteground hosting, so I decided to give it a try.

Now all of my sites are hosted on SiteGround

Why? Because it is simply Awwessomeeeeee

I won’t confuse you by giving you a list of thousands of hosting provider, instead I would only suggest you go with SiteGround.

They provide best support and are the best web hosting provider for the beginners and intermediate.

They are fast and reliable, I use them for my sites with no hassles.

Here, I will be guiding you through the process of registering the web-hosting and domain name with SiteGround, you can choose other hosting providers as well. Process would be the similar. But I would highly recommend you go with SiteGround.

To get web hosting and domain for your first blog, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the SiteGround Pricing Page and select a desired plan:

I would suggest you to go with the GrowBig Plan.

If you decided to buy more domain in near future, you can host them on the same hosting.

Click the Get Plan Button.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

Choose a domain name you wish to register for your blog. Like if your niche is about Woman’s Health, Choose something related to Or similar that has an impression about your niche.

Or you can choose your domain on your name, you can post any kind of content on such blogs.

Once you have decided your domain click proceed.

3. Fill Your Account Information

Fill the information, as it would create your account on SiteGround.

4. Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information For the Payment.

Once you have filled the payment information to purchase the web hosting and domain.

Step 5: Confirm the Terms & Conditions and Click The Proceed Button

Perfect, now once you have checked-out, SiteGround will take few minutes to setup your account.

Receipt and Important information about your account will be sent your registered email address. Wait a few minutes, then check your email.

Congratulations! You have done the purchased the Web Hosting and Domain for your journey.

Now let me take you to the most interesting part, let’s dive into it.

Log in to your SiteGround account and move forward for the next steps.

Step 4: Set up your WordPress blog and Make it Live

Login to your SiteGround if you haven’t already, and locate the website button in the menu, Installing word press is quite simple.

When you login, your page will be similar to this.

Select the: Websites -> Existing Domain -> Enter Your Domain Name -> Click Continue -> You may see an error ignore it and click on Continue again.

Once you click continue it will lead you to this page.

Follow the steps as shown in the image.

Select Start New Website -> Select WordPress -> Enter your Email address and a strong Password (it will be your login Id and Password)-> Click Continue.

Then it may show some add-ons to buy, ignore them, they aren’t necessary, however if you feel like buying any on of them, you surely can.

Then click on Finish.

Now your site is being created and WordPress is getting installed. It will be done within few minutes. Click on the Proceed to Customer Area.

Now go to the site tools once it s done. Or Click on Go the Admin Panel.

Now Login to your WordPress account by entering the login details.

Greatly done, this is your first blog created successfully. you have completed the process, now remember this URL and bookmark it if you wish.

You will need to login to your admin panel or dashboard where you can manage your website.

Replace ( with the domain you have registered for your blog. like (


WordPress is best in the marketing and on top if you are not familiar with the coding and web designing.

Step-5 Choose an Attention Grabing WordPress Theme.

Your theme will determine the quality of your blog. You do not need to decorate it like a festival home.

However it should be light and clean yet beautiful that can grab the people’ attention.

Make sure you use the responsive theme, as they are mobile friendly.

Responsive themes automatically adjusts itself for better viewer experience.

To Add a theme follow the following steps.

-Go to the Dashboard and find the Appearance option and then Select Theme

Now Click on Add New and scroll down until you found the theme you want to add.

When you have found your best theme, move your mouse to it and click Install. It will be installed and then click on Activate.

Good design builds more trust in users, and generate more sale. so your site should look good and premium.

There are a lot of great free themes in the market, however for better optimization and more customization you can invest in a good theme as well.

There are hell a lot of free themes in the market, however I won’t recommend using them.

Free themes are not secured and can be hacked easily. You would lose all your data if anything like that happened.

It’s Like Killing Your Business Before it Starts.

If you want to start blogging as a business I would recommend investing in a good theme, I use GeneratePress, for all of my websites. I personally like the design and speed.

It is one of the easiest to use WordPress theme and has all the features you will ever need. It’s very light (just 50kb) and superfast. It increases the load speed of your website.

Many pro bloggers use GeneratePress to make huge profits.

Which is the key point to rank your website on the top of the Google.

You know that starting a business requires some initial investments, so you should definitely invest in a good theme and important plugins for better and faster growth of your business.

So if you wish to earn passively from your blog, you should invest in a good theme and some necessary plugins.

let’s get to my favorite part.

Step-6 Install Some Important Plugins To Grow Faster

In order to customize and optimize your theme and adding beneficial features in your blog you would need plugins. WordPress is nothing without the plugins.

They are like backbone of a blog.

Different plugins are needed for different purposes, so you can decided what you would need in your blog and what not.

However, there are few important plugins that every blog needs. you will need to add them to your blog as well.

  • To increase website load speed.
  • For SEO
  • For Lead Generation
  • To make it look good, and many more.

Want to know my favorite plugins list that I use on my websites?

No worries, here is the list of the plugins I personally use on all my websites.

I will also share you the additional plugins that I have used or I use which are awesome and works pretty well. here we go!

WP Rocket – If you are not aware let me tell you that website load speed is a very important point in terms of ranking on google. If your pages load slowly then it would be a loss on revenue.

Make sure your website pages load within 3 seconds. If your page speed is more than 3 seconds then you have to work on it. So to make sure of it I use WP Rocket.

So wp rocket is the plugin, combine it with the GeneratePress and it will boost your site with the high-speed page loading. It helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I highly recommend getting this plugin.

You can also use these alternatives, Autoptimize, Swift Performance, Asset Cleanup, WP Super Cache, W3 Total, and if you have bought SiteGround Hosting you will get the “SG Optimizer” free with the Hosting Plan.

Rank Mathe SEO – At this point SEO is kind of everything and it is very important to rank and attract loads of traffic. Rank math is the new in the market and it is completely free to use. And it is kinda become my favorite as a SEO plugin. I used to SEO with Yoast. However I like the RankMath more now.

It’s getting popular among bloggers, some may still suggest you go with Yoast SEO, but If you ask my choice I would surely tell you to go with the RankMath. I don’t use Yoast nor I would recommend that.

As in the free version you do not get many features so you have to buy the premium version where RankMath is loaded with cool features and completely free to use. If you use you can see the Comparison review on my blog.

Thrive Architect or Elementor – These plugins are used to design your website with click and drag features. You do not need any coding knowledge simply drag and drop option can create an awesome looking pages for your blog.

These plugins allow you to create awesome landing pages and copywriting that sell by just drag and drop. I used both, and they look very premium and yet lightweight and doesn’t compromise the website speed. You can definitely create stunning looking pages easily.

iThemes Security – You need to be aware of Hacking Attacks and security should be your topmost priority; this plugin secures your websites from such hacking attacks. To keep your blog safe using the security plugin is essential. – If you are writing an informative article which has a lot of image in it so this plugin tries to optimize your images and by this your website loads fast.
Alternatively, you can use- Imagify and ShortPixel.

Pretty Link: If you are using affiliate links to your website, you should use this plugin to create custome links so that visitors don’t see them like spam. It is an Affiliate Link Management Tool.

Insert Header and Footer: For Google Analytics, WebMaster for other similar things you should use this plugin. If you do not have much knowledge about the coding so I would suggest you change internal settings with the Theme editors.

As if any code mistakenly got removed or corrected, it would crash your blog. So keep it safe and use this plugin. It will also help you with any code which you have to add in the header or footer section. you can directly use it for that.

Anti-Spam – Often people add unrelevant and spamy comments, this plugin will remove them automatically. And keep the spam score of your blog low all the time.

Social Snap Pro – it is a social sharing plugin, Social snap allows reader to share the content with his friends and family or anyone he wants by social media sharing.

I like plugin a lot becuase it increases the website traffic and drive more people on our blog from big sources like – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

Thrive Leads – For the long run you would require to collect the active email list. so If you want to collect emails of your readers so that you can share updates of your content.

Then you can try to thrive leads which help you to create an awesome sticky ribbon, popup lightbox, content lock, screen filler overlay, and many more to generate active leads.

UpdraftPlus – You should backup your website or blog once in a while with Updraft. Siteground does takes daily backup of your blog but you can do it manually as well.

If you may need to wipe the data or transfer your website to a different domain later, it will help you backup your data that you can restore later and save you a lot of time.

Mentioned above are my top most plugins that I use and recommend you to use as well if you wish grow better and faster.

These are working for me pretty well and I am sure they will work for you too.

NOTE: Though I would suggest you not to use cracked or nulled or moded plugins and themes on your blog. As you may end up getting hacked.

As nobody knows what codes and external files developers can add in those nulled plugins and hack your blog. You may end up losing all your hard work and data within minutes. So be safe from them.

Money makes money. So if you wish to make money from the blog I would suggest you take it as your business and business require an initial investment. So keep a strong mindset and do not afraid to invest.

I had tried to do it for free and believe you won’t earn from that and if you do it won’t be satisfying. So I highly recommend you keep the investment mindset and do willing to work without any gains for at least a few months.

Installing a plugin is not a rocket science so If you are wondering how to install the plugin?
Let me show you, simply follow the steps given below.

Go to your WordPress dashboard then move your cursor to Plugins.
-Then go to Plugins → Add New
-Then upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
-Once it is installed, It will require activation so click on the “activate button” to install that particular plugin.
-It’s done, you can now you can access the plugin.

Let’s dive into the other Step:

Step- 7 Write your first post and make it live.

Congrats! you have created your first WordPress Blog, now if you are wondering how to add your first post. Let me get you through the process.

As you have completed your setting up process, now you would some posts on your blog.

For creating a blog post, you have to go: Dashboard → Post → Add New

Once you click Add Now, you will see the page showing below a very much similar. This is where you will start writing your first posts.

Now, Let me give you some tips that help you to make your first epic post:

  • If you are unsure of what you should write first then do some keyword research first, find your competitors in your niche and you will find tons of topics. and your post whichever you find best.

Pro Tip: For Better and faster ranking I would highly suggest you go with long-tail keywords. Keywords with more then 4-5 words.

I will also post more content for better ranking and on how to create engaging content for your readers.

Now, Let’s move on to next step.

Step-8 Monetize Your Blog and Make Money on Autopilot.

There are a lot of methods and way you monetize your blog and make passive money.

You do have done a brilliant job, I hope you haven’t face any issues following the steps. and Congrats! You have posted your first post on your blog. You are doing great and do not stop adding posts frequently.

Now in this part I will be sharing you the ways to make money from your blog. After all this is the reason we want to create a blog right.

Let’s get into it.

Here is the list where I have shared the ways you can make your first dollar online.

I am grateful I have started blogging and I am really excited to share this with you.

Let’s not waste the time and move on to the list:

First method is quite famous, most of the bloggers earns maximum from this.

Advertising on your blog: It is one of the most common way blogger generate revenues, They monetize their traffic by showing ads on their blog and make handsome money from it. It is a good way of earning a decent amount of income.

There are two leading websites that allow you to monetize your blog with Advertisement– Adsense, and Once you have a blog with good traffic, you can apply to their advertising program and once you are approved you can place ads on your blog and make money.

Ads generates income when readers click on the ads showing on your blog. So more traffic more income.

Affiliate Marketing: This is one of my favorite type of way to earn money, even my primary method of earning is Affiliate marketing. This is one very effective method for making a good amount of money from your blog.

In affiliate marketing you promote someone else’ products via your blog, and when anyone makes a purchase you get the commision for it.

[To learn more about affiliate marketing follow my guide to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing and Earn passive]

Selling Your Own Physical or a Digital Product: On your blog you can create and sell your own E-book, courses or any digital or physical product:

If you have knowledge about Copy-Writing or you know how to sell anything, you can promote your products to your readers. However, in order to do that, you need to have an established site and you need to build trust with your audience.

You need to be transparent and do need to give value to your reader to build trust. if you already have an audience then it’s really great and you can sell anything to them, if the products are related to your niche you will be able to generate more sales.

Offering Services: If you are good at something or an expert in certain or multiple fields, you can make a portfolio on your blog and seller your services to your readers.

Things like SEO, Website Audits, Web Designing, Transcription, Content Writing, Freelancing of any sort or you can create ads for their businesses. You can offer any services to your readers, they will directly pay you for the service.
It is one of the fastest ways to start earning online from your blog.

Sponsor Posts and Links: If you have authority blog and there a good amount of traffic coming to your blog, brands and other people will aproatch you for a sponsored link.

They will ask you to add their link to your blog. And they will pay you a good amount for that. You can charge them for a certain time period or monthly. Whichever way you like.

So these were the top ways to make money from your blog. However, you need to be patient in order to make passive income from your blog.

Let’s move to the bonus tips to grow your blog 10X Faster and important things to keep in mind in order to earn money.

Step-9 Some Bonus Tips To Grow Your Blog 10x Faster

Blogging is a broad business, however you need to keep few things in mind in order to achieve great success in blogging business.

Below are the tips that helped me grow with blogging, and the lessons I have learned from the mistakes I have made during my journey in last 6 years.

  1. The first key point is patience, if you do not have the patience blogging isn’t for you, I have seen a lot of people, they start working on a blog but after working for a month or two their interest is gone or they do not see results and they quit. Have faith and never quit.
  2. Working without pay, in the initial 3-6 months, you would have to work without thinking about money. If you work with the money mindset, you won’t go far. Work on blogs like you enjoy doing this, or choose a niche you really enjoy and had potential of earning. It will help you in the long run or after writing 50 posts you will end up with no post ideas.
  3. Do your homework well, when you are working in a certain niche do keep an eye on the competitor.
  4. Provide value to your readers.
  5. Never copy any content from other people’s websites be it images or written content. Write your 100% unique content. You can take inspiration. But always write in your own language and ways.
  6. Add new post frequently, you do need a time table, you do not have to post every day, but do a post at least 1 post in a week or 15 days, and keep the pace.
  7. Write your posts well and do the SEO correctly.
  8. Write long posts a minimum of 1000 words. Do use listings, headings, sub-headings and quotes, and other stuff to make it easy and readable.
  9. Build quality links, links will increase your authority among your competitors and you will rank higher. Higher rank = more traffic.
  10. The title is a key point of attracting a reader’s attention. Always try to write a curious title. Us numbers, power-words, and think like the reader. Write your title and read it once and ask yourself if you would click on this link if you see it. If yes it’s done!
  11. Do add some detailed filled images in the article, user do like visuals along with the reading. And always try to make your article as comprehensive and detailed as possible. Add all the related points in your articles which readers will require when searching for certain things. It will turn your reader into your Fans.
  12. I suggest you go through with the on-page guide so you can optimize your content easily.
  13. Always try to connect with the reader by using words like I and You, and do not use copyrighted content, whether it is image or videos, or other content. Always use copyright-free images or create yours yourself.

These tips will help you create more beautiful and informative posts and help you scale 10X faster.

FAQ Related To How To Start A Blog In 2020

Q.1 How much does it cost to Start a Blog?

You can start blogging in less than $100 for a year. For starting a blog it would cost you around 3.50$ a month from the SiteGround. However, I recommend you to go with one year plan to get a special discount.

Q.2 How to make money from blogging?

There are several ways to make money from a blog We have listed them in this guide. Top ways are by monetizing by Ads (Adsense), Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital Products or providing services, and many others.

Q.3 How to start a blog business?

For making a blog you can read this comprehensive guide and also you can make your blog for only business purposes. It would take time to turn it into a full-time business however you definitely can make it a full-time business.

Q.4 Is starting a blog in 2020 still worth it?

It is never too late, yes competition is moderate now however it still has a lot of potentials. So yes blogging in 2020 still worth it.

Q.5 Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, surely you can start blogs for free using platforms like Blogger, Medium, Wix, Joomla, etc. But if you are serious and want to make real money from it then I would highly recommend you to understand the power of an investment. So avoid free one and purchase hosting and domain name and start your new blog today.

Q.6 I started my blog but how can I get traffic?

Traffic works like a motivation for newbie bloggers so if you are confused about how you can get traffic, Here is a full guide about it – Increase Website Traffic Fast.

Wrapping Up and Now What Next?

Congratulation! You Have Created Your First Blog In 2020

Okay, But What Next?

This isn’t the end, it is a the beginning of your blogging journey. Now you would need to learn few things to scale and grow your blog, Like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building and many more.

Becoming a successful blogger is a daily task, and you need to be focused and work hard initially to make your blog worth working for. You need to learn few things and implement them to your blog to get results.

You need to be willing to learn in order to earn passively. So make it a habit to always learn new things by reading or watching videos.

You will get a lot related things on this same blog, tools and guidance you would need to scale your business and blog. So bookmark or pin our page. You can also subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates via email.

You will learn a lot of things here to grow your blog. I will cover almost everything you would need in your journey to succeed.

I hope you like this article, and maybe this helps you to create your new successful empire today.

I also recommend you to join our Free Blogging Community to stay updated with new stuff. I too very active in my group, so if you have any doubts, I will personally help you and clear you’re every doubt.

Every single share counts for us! I appreciate your effort.


Sachin Jain

Hi, I’m Sachin Jain Founder of Blogging Tail. A blog that helps you master the art of Blogging. Join our Facebook Community and stay connected with other like-minded bloggers.

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